• Andrew's 1st solo album, was released in 1988.

Side B

God must be driving

    Chris Harold - guitar
    Jack Howard - trumpet
    Jeremy Smith - french horn
    Michael Waters - trombone
    Horns written & arranged by Jack Howard

Excerpts from the 1985 demo collection

    Paul Smyth - hi hat
    Rob Wellington - guitar sample

Big publishing contract expiration date kiss-off

    Barry McQueen as the barrister
    Phil the carpenter - circular saw

The empty suit dept.

    Maurice Frawley - guitar
    Chris & Jade D'adrenz-Walsh, Dave Hatty, Dick Buster & Lindy, John Michie, Mark Thomas, Vid, Phil & Michelle Kenihan, Phillip Stott, Conway Savage, Donna McRae, Andrea, Pierre Sutcliffe, Stephen, Cassie & Edward Duffield as the crowd.
    Engineered by Phil Kenihan
    Produced by Phil Kenihan & Andrew Duffield
    Recorded at SMR studios, St. Kilda 1986. Special thanks to Harry, Liz, Chris, Ben , Rob, Steve, Michelle, Frances, The Good Fairies - Colin & Rob, Stephen Duffield, Paul Smyth, Karen & Gordon Pitts, Peter Barnes, Lizzy O'Hara, Mike Syme, Phil Gjedsted, Dave Hatty, John Box, Paul Congues, Adrian & Christen Barker, Dave Herzog, Troy/Balance, Nick Pullen, Roger Wood, Kate Durham, The Queen's Arms Hotel, Music Junction & all at Nelson Rd.
    Photography by Jeremy Bannister.
    Cover design by Andrew Duffield & Buster Stiggs.
    Self-financed by Phil & Michelle Kenihan, Andrew & Stephen Duffield
Correspondence to Retrograde Records PO Box 98, St Kilda, 3182 For Cassie

Side A

All tracks written and performed by Andrew Duffield except:

    You know what I like about that guy? (Nothing!)

    Ron Strykrt - guitar
    Wilbur Wilde - saxaphone
    Philip Stott and the MMTB - jack hammer.
    Gordon Pitts - Fairlight 'brass' sound

    What it is

    Jack Howard - trumpets
    Andrew Pendlebury - inadvertent guitar loops

    A Short Walk

    Andrew Ross - saxaphone
    Peter Kennard - conga
    Mark Blackwell - coffee cup
    Phillip Calvert & John Justin - handclaps
    Lyrics by James Cockington

Bringing up Edward

Happy birthday I.B.M. (a reappraisal in the key of F)

    Jack Howard - trumpet
    Jeremy Smith - french horn
    Michael Waters - trombone
    Mark Ferrie - gated bass
    Rob Wellington - gated guitar
    Callum McAlpine - drum programmes
    Paul Smyth - gated mandolin
    Horns written & arranged by Jack Howard