from the Brightspace press release:

Artist Jex (Peter Byron) and composer Andrew Duffield's friendship goes back over twenty years to their involvement in the Melbourne music scene with bands such as Models and the Olympic Sideburns. In the years since, the two artists work largely by commission - Jex in portraiture and Andrew in music for television. An opportunity existed for Jex and Andrew to work outside of commissions and client briefs, the mainstay of their careers. Over the past year Andrew and Jex have met every Monday at Andrew's South Melbourne studio. Jex uses ink, Andrew plays keyboards. This exhibition is a culmination of their work through that year. Both artists are quick to dispel the idea of the works being either music to pictures, or pictures to music. "Whilst we may have in common our age, location, political ideology and choice of profession - a lot of which is self-evident in the exhibition, the most important guiding influence was the lack of any kind of censorial direction upon the other... a chance to speak outside of our normal spheres" say the artists. "These are some of the thoughts, ideas and techniques that just happened to come out of the year spent together on those Mondays."

Some audio examples:

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