• This 12" vinyl tribute to the great wrestling commentator, with music by Andrew Duffield, featured a stellar cast of musicians.

Side B


      Engineered: Steve Young
      Produced: Andrew Duffield and Phil Kenihan
      Concept: James Cockington

Side A


      Vocals: Jack Little and Paul Jennings
      Keyboards: Andrew Duffield
      Bass: Mark Ferrie
      Guitar: Andrew Pendlebury
      Thumps and bumps: Noel Crombie
      Guitar: Andrew Pendlebury
      Saxaphones: James Valentine
      Trumpet: John Fielding
      Tag Team vocals: Zan, Sherine, and Rozzi Bazzani
      Engineered: Phil Kenihan
      Mixed: Tim Kramer
      Produced: Phil Kenihan and Andrew Duffield
      Executive Producer: John Moyle
      Concept, lyrics, research: James Cockington